Optimise test strategy with NI Automated Test Outlook 2014

25 February 2014

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Optimise test strategy with NI Automated Test Outlook 2014National Instruments is releasing its Automated Test Outlook 2014, highlighting the company’s research into test and measurement technologies and methodologies. Engineers and managers can use the report, which examines trends affecting a wide range of industries, to take advantage of strategies and best practices for optimising any test organisation. Automated Test Outlook 2014 explores the following:

Business Strategy: Organisational Proficiency

The talent pool for test engineers is shrinking and test managers must improve organisational proficiency through smarter hiring, better onboarding and greater investment in training to ensure a properly skilled and staffed test organisation.

Architecture: Managed Test Systems

New technologies deliver greater feature sets on test equipment, helping test managers monitor the health of their test systems, lowering test costs and maximising uptime.

Computing: Cloud Computing for Test

Traditional test frameworks limit profitability by not providing the best balance of performance and cost or the ability to scale based on actual product demand. Similar to the IT industry, cloud computing applied to automated test can alleviate these growing test concerns.

Software: Scalable Test Software Architectures

Pressure to deliver test systems faster with fewer resources shifts software strategies away from rigid, inflexible approaches in favour of software-based platforms to maximise longevity and scalability across a product’s lifecycle and across new product designs.

I/O: Redefining the Notion of Sensors

The number of sensors in products has significantly increased, challenging test managers to keep up with new technologies and adapt to this growing need. Test managers need agile test systems they can change as quickly as the sensor-integrated products they test.

Automated Test Outlook 2014 is based on academic and industry research, user forums and surveys, business intelligence and customer advisory board reviews. To learn more please visit

National Instruments Corporation (UK) Ltdvisit website
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