igus scoops three iF design awards for innovative product design

20 March 2014

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igus scoops three iF design awards for innovative product designigus has been awarded three iF design awards for its innovative product designs. This year the iF Industrie Forum Design eV association awarded igus for its energy tube R4.1 light, drylin SLT linear axis and the readychain rack products for their outstanding combination of form and function.

Matthew Aldridge, Managing Director, igus, says: “The iF design awards rank as the largest and most important international design competitions. Since joining the iF design awards in 1987, a total number of 31 igus products have won this award that distinguishes the high degree of innovation, design quality, material, ergonomics, functionality and environmental compatibility of the products.”

Chip-proof energy tube R4.1 light

The lid of the enclosed energy tube R4.1 light can be flipped open on both sides. The energy tubes are designed in such a way that virtually no chips can pass into the interior. In a leakage test, only 2.7g of chips were found inside the energy tube after a 250,000 motion cycle. Although the weight of the tubes are 25 per cent lighter than other comparable types, they deliver high stability which allows filling of up to 26kg per metre thanks to the load being optimally distributed over the surface by a double stop system with large contact surfaces.

drylin linear axis SLT: Innovative design for small installation space

Due to the lateral arrangement of the lead screw next to the linear guide system, a minimum structural height of the linear axis of just 20mm and a structural width of 45mm can be achieved. The compact design weighs only 0.15kg and can be driven manually or by a motor. A quick, but simple and smooth operation can take place at a maximum rotary speed of 1000 rpm and a maximum speed of 1.5 m/min. The lead screw mounted on ball bearings is available with trapezoidal or high helix thread. Different thread pitches are available from stock. Due to their high efficiency, small size and the lubricant-free operation, the drylin linear axis is suitable for automation tasks in beverage and food processing equipment as well as vending machines.

readychain rack: Mounting/transport frame that reduces process costs

For 20 years, igus has been providing assembled readychain energy chain systems, thus reducing process costs in various industrial sectors. In order to install these even faster and easier, the readychain rack was developed: a transport and mounting frame of modular design, which consists of adjustable supports and braces that fit together. In addition, they are telescopic so that a length adjustment is possible at any time. Various latching mechanisms ensure that components can also be subsequently mounted. This way the appropriate system can be put together on site within a day. If modifications to the machine are necessary, they can be undertaken any time and in a smooth manner due to the variability of the system. If the machine series is discontinued by the customer, the transport and mounting frame is dismantled into its component parts and the individual components are reused. The new racks can also improve the environment-friendly aspect by providing a more sustainable use of resources compared with earlier transport racks, which had to be disposed of after the end of the production run.

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