Rexroth Pneumatics becomes Aventics

01 April 2014

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Rexroth Pneumatics becomes AventicsSomething’s happening in the international pneumatics market: a new standalone company has been created out of the former pneumatics business unit at Bosch Rexroth. Due to a change of ownership, the medium-sized company is now ready to take on the competition around the world under the name Aventics.

The rebranding and introduction of a new name mark the largest change in the pneumatics market in recent decades. For the first time, a competitor is completely reestablishing itself: with a new name, new values, and a new company structure. With these changes, the pneumatics specialists from Laatzen near Hanover are ringing in the next-generation of pneumatics.

Aventics is confident. Dr Alexander Lawrence, one of the three members of the Board at Aventics GmbH, explains: “The new name combines the terms of advantage, invention, and pneumatics, and therefore describes what we are aiming for: our customers will get added value with our innovative products, system solutions, and services.” Advantages are, for example, improved quality of consulting and reaction time.

Under the new name, the manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems intends to further expand its market position. In the future, Aventics will also address industries that the company has not focused on previously. This also includes, for example, heavy industry and medical technology. Proven products and a clear focusing on customer needs will come under the company’s umbrella, along with global presence and individual customer systems.

Dr Lawrence continues: “We are connecting the best of two worlds: in Aventics, a long tradition and the solid expertise of our employees meets the flexibility of a medium-sized company. We are taking the valve series from the AV product family in a new direction without denying its roots. We are combining a new diagonal design concept with 40 years of experience in the integration of high-performance polymers and electronic engineering.” The compact construction and low weight of the AV valves result in improved energy efficiency and more freedom for machine layouts.

In its new position as a medium-sized business, the company, which has 2100 employees, sees many development opportunities around the globe. In the future, Aventics will communicate more directly and engagingly with its customers, the majority of whom are also medium-sized companies.

In the UK, the new company will be known as AVENTICS UK and the General Manager is Stuart Cheyne (pictured right), who had previously been with Bosch Rexroth for many years.

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AVENTICS (part of Emerson Automation Solutions)visit website
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