LG Motion and Arcus Technology in motion control

30 April 2014

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LG Motion and Arcus Technology in motion controlLG Motion began working as an international partner with Arcus Technology early in 2012, recognising the potential for their edict that innovative motion control systems can be simple and affordable. A full line of motion controls - from single- and multi-axis standalone stepper drive+control packages to integrated intelligent stepper drives for distributed control – is available with a choice of communication interfaces, touchscreen integration, simple multi-tasking programming as well as source codes for various PC-based programming platforms and LabVIEW. These diverse features, however, do not mean high costs. Arcus Technology’s’ strong product design comes with very competitive pricing.

The Arcus Technology range has proven particularly successful for OEMs, machine builders and researchers alike because the product costs and development timescales that enable the motion automated processes they need are realistic and viable. This is especially true for areas such as laboratory automation, where Arcus can facilitate increased throughput and elevated quality of results with products that achieve these factors and preserve a competitive edge or undercut budget expectations.

Arcus Technology motion controls include USB 2.0 communications offering Plug&Play advantage for set-up and programming using Arcus’ BASIC-like language which is easy to use and maintain. Sample source code is available for PC control using C++, Visual Basic, .NET and LabVIEW, with motion system expansion available using Ethernet and RS485 to communicate with machine networks and optional HMIs. Through the range, basic to advanced control for single, dual and four-axis systems are available as controller or controller + microstepping drive packages with current ratings to 8A.

A complete range of integrated stepper motor packages is also available. The DMX series includes a built-in microstepping driver and optional motion controller with I/O, plus an incremental encoder that provides closed-loop feedback for automatic position correction. Available in NEMA 17 and 23 frame sizes as well as an industry first NEMA size 11 package; these integrated motors can provide very cost-effective single-axis or networked multi-axis motion options for a wide range of applications. LG Motion also offer Arcus Technology evaluation packages that includes everything required to run and test a single-axis motion system including power supply, a USB cable, programming and set-up software, and a junction board complete with LEDs, pushbuttons and screw terminals that interface with the DMX’s complement of opto-isolated I/O.

LG Motion adds value to the range with its own linear, rotary and vertical elevation positioning mechanics and other motion control components – from encoders to linear bearings – from a select group of global distribution partners. A large capacity in-house design and production capability ensures that customers’ requirements are fully met as standard or fully customised motion systems. Please go to for more iformation.

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