LG Motion and Airex set up integration partner agreement

11 June 2014

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LG Motion and Airex set up integration partner agreementLG Motion Limited has recently set up a distribution agreement with the USA-based Airex Corporation to sell and integrate its innovative range of linear motors, linear positioning actuators, rotary motors and voice coils. Complementing LG Motion’s expertise in motion system design and integration, the Airex range includes patented and distinctive characteristics that enable the high levels of dynamic performance that is called for in demanding motion control applications such as semiconductor manufacture, imaging & photonics, aerospace & undersea, medical, life sciences and military equipment.

Airex Ironless ‘zero cogging’ Linear Motors boast the highest motor constant in any similar volume of motor for excellent response and settle and times as well as exceptional control characteristics. These motors are built into the modular P3 series linear positioning actuators – featuring a single linear motion guide bearing system, a choice of optical or magnetic encoder feedback and travel range from 125mm up to 1m. This direct-drive ‘plug and play’ actuators offer high stiffness and zero cogging along with all the benefits of linear servo motion which includes backlash-free performance and very long working life with low maintenance. The P3 will sit very well with LG Motion’s range of servo drives and motion controls as a very cost-competitive choice for precision positioning where smooth motion combined with rapid move and settle times are prerequisites for high-throughput production machinery and test equipment applications.

LG Motion will market the Airex range as individual linear and rotary servo motor components, as complete actuator packages, or integrated into custom positioning systems. Particularly for systems applications, the Airex range is a good fit for the Polaris distributed and deterministic motion control platform product range from Precision MicroDynamics Inc. (PMDi) that LG Motion also represents. This highly advanced distributed and deterministic motion control platform allows automated machinery manufacturers the capability for nanosecond-level motion and machine synchronisation and includes robotic kinematic transforms and complex contoured motion for up to 124 axes. Comprising motion controllers, advanced servo drives and I/O modules, Polaris features full 64-bit double floating point calculations for very high levels of positioning accuracy and exceptionally fast servo feedback rates.

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