PD IEC 60417 SS:2014, Graphical symbols for electrical equipment

14 July 2014

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BSI has published PD IEC 60417 SS:2014, a PDF of graphical symbols for use on electrical equipment. IEC 60417 remains the reference standard, and it was last published in paper format in 1999, after which it became an on-line database with access by subscription only. The standard is widely cross-referenced in many electrical product standards.

The new PD IEC 60417 SS:2014, which was published on 30 June 2014, is available as a 332-page PDF download and, as a convenient single purchase, it gives buyers permanent access to the symbols rather than time-limited access via a subscription. BSI says that PD IEC 60417 SS:2014 will prove more cost-effective than a subscription for users requiring less frequent access.

PD IEC 60417 SS:2014 provides subscription-free access to:

  • A portable library of symbols and hazard warnings for equipment
  • A general indication of function or purpose for controls on equipment
  • A self-contained resource that can be used even when 'off-line
  • Easy copying of the symbols
  • Easy transfer of symbols to other documents

PD IEC 60417 SS:2014 comprises database 'snapshots' in PDF format and gives the state of the IEC database at the time of publication. The PDF format enables users to search for the symbols required quickly and easily.

The standard includes the universal symbols required for use on electrical equipment, covering the symbols and hazard warnings required. The text of the symbols standards is included, giving guidance on the use of the symbols, and, as such, it will be of prime interest to designers and manufacturers of a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment, for both industrial and consumer markets. It will also be of interest to technical writers who prepare user and technical manuals, and companies and developers of software packages that prepare documentation or drawings (such as CAD).

The symbols (and their descriptive text) may be downloaded in PDF format – in the same format when accessed via the IEC database proper – and they may be imported into CAD by saving the downloaded PDF in TIFF format; (Adobe reader packages have this option as standard). The TIFF file can often be imported into CAD systems.

Note that PD 60417 SS:2014 is expected to be renewed from time to time to reflect changes in the database; however, the IEC database will remain the prime source. The snapshot provided in PD IEC 60417 SS:2014 will not reflect changes made to the IEC after its publication date.

Follow the link for more information or to purchase copies of PD 60417 SS:2014 (priced at £300 or £165 for Members of BSI).

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