1st class honours degrees for Renishaw software apprentices

19 August 2014

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1st class honours degrees for Renishaw software apprentices Two Renishaw Software Engineers have graduated with 1st Class Honours in Systems Engineering after completing the Renishaw software apprenticeship scheme. Tom Noble and Sam Beard have been working towards their degrees from the University of South Wales, UK, while being supported by Renishaw both academically and financially.

Sam said of his graduation: “I’m ecstatic about graduating and the result. To have finished with the result I have means a lot after all the hard work.”

Tom was equally delighted, saying: “Words cannot describe the elation of being awarded a 1st Class Honours Degree, a reward for the immense effort and commitment applied to the programme.”

The Renishaw Software Apprentice scheme is described as unique in its field, with apprentices working towards their degree over 3–5 years while gaining in-house training at the company. There are currently 16 software apprentices at Renishaw, with a further seven starting at the company’s South Wales and Gloucestershire locations in September.

Sam, who has been working towards his degree for 4 years, says: “The scheme is unique and is really beneficial to the individuals taking part. This course should grow and offer the same opportunity as I have been fortunate to be given. I don’t believe I would be in this position now without the help and support of Renishaw.”

Talking about his time on the course, Tom says: “One of the key benefits of an apprenticeship scheme is the ability to learn and develop while earning a salary. Compared to its competitors, Renishaw pays apprentices a reasonable wage and supply a host of high-quality training. Support from mentors, managers and colleagues allows for one’s personal development to flourish.”

Emma Portman, Group Software Test Manager, who co-ordinates the software apprenticeship scheme, says: “Sam Beard is a highly motivated member of Group Engineering Software, enjoys taking on really tough challenges and succeeds at solving many of our complex problems. Tom Noble is a pleasure to work with and loves to get involved at a departmental level within Group Engineering Software. We are delighted that both Sam and Tom have achieved 1st class honours in their degrees and look forward to seeing their careers progress within Renishaw.”

Follow the link for more information about Renishaw’s apprenticeship scheme.

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