Bosch Rexroth drive&control magazine - issue 02|2014

02 September 2014

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Bosch Rexroth drive&control magazine - issue 02|2014Bosch Rexroth has published a new edition of its drive&control magazine. Issue 02|2014 contains over 30 pages of news and articles of interest to machine builders and system integrators, including an article about how engineering software, simulation and networking are enabling companies to make dramatic reductions in product development time and, therefore, deliver new machines faster. The article also explains how software is key to the economical production of smaller batch sizes, including the ultimate batch-of-one.

Another article, by Jerry Michalski, an independent corporate consultant, outlines the positive effects of transparency when customers and suppliers are working together on new projects. He argues that a relationship built on trust can further the innovation process, and he cites the way in which social media is forcing companies and individuals to be more open.

An excellent example of innovation in machine control is provided in an article about how Glaub Automation & Engineering has used Rexroth's Open Core Engineering and Open Core Interface to develop a wireless, tablet-based HMI (human-machine interface) for a three-axis system with a gripper arm. For example, by placing your thumbs on two points on the tablet screen, you can tilt the tablet and control the axes; increasing the angle of tilt increases the speed of the motion. Follow the link to see a short video of this on YouTube.

Other articles in edition 02|2014 of drive&control discuss the benefits of using state-of-the-art CNC controllers in gantry-style routers, hydrostatic drives for forklift trucks, servo motors and controllers for printing machinery used on packaging, an application for the VariFlow 90 chain conveyor system that enables an automotive manufacturer to move roof interior trims for processing and serve four assembly lines, and how to select the correct hydraulic filter and ensure that filter elements are changed at the correct intervals.

Follow the link to download a free copy of drive&control magazine and to read the main articles online.

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