Mouser: exclusive Global Distribution Agreement with GaN Systems

05 September 2014

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Mouser Electronics has signed an exclusive global agreement with GaN Systems to distribute their range of Gallium Nitride high-power transistors. GaN Systems’ goal is the easy adoption of gallium nitride by designers and systems engineers.

The GaN Systems product line features a range of high-power, high-performance Gallium Nitride transistors. Gallium Nitride is a wide bandgap semiconductor material with physical characteristics that make them superior to silicon devices for many applications including power conversion systems. Featuring exceptionally low on-resistance and negligible charge storage, these transistors enable switching efficiencies well in excess of the present silicon-based products and offer benefits for switching power supply designs, inverters, hybrid and electric vehicle inverters, battery management and power factor correction.

GaN’s Island Technology is the core of GaN Systems IP, allowing cell layouts for high-current die performance that maximise wafer yields. This reduces the size of the transistor, increasing performance while reducing the cost. GaNPX packaging uses no bond wires which results in lower inductance, low thermal resistance, and higher reliability, in a transistor package so small is it not much bigger than the die itself.

Initial products distributed by Mouser Electronics will include the G561008 enhancement mode transistor, a 100V 150degC device capable of handling 80A of continuous current, and an RDS(ON) as low as 5.6mΩ. The GaN G566508 is a 650V enhancement mode transistor capable of operating at 150degC. It can handle 34A continuous current and boasts an RDS(ON) of 41mΩ.

The GaN Systems transistor product line target efficient power conversion for consumer appliances, data centre server racks, solar, wind and smart-grid, electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as high efficiency power supply applications.

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