From design chain to supply chain: Mouser & TTI combined

11 November 2014

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Mouser Electronics and TTI, Inc are teaming up at Electronica under the tagline: ‘From Design Chain to Supply Chain…your complete distribution solution’. What does that mean? The answer, according to Geoff Breed, TTI’s VP European Marketing and Mark Burr-Lonnon, Senior VP EMEA & Asia Mouser Electronics, is quite a lot. Breed says: “Under one umbrella we have two organisations that cover the customer’s total needs with complementary structures and solutions. From the supplier’s perspective it’s similar: combined we provide a proven vehicle for new product introductions, a complete go-to-market solution – reliable partners who understand the needs of the supplier and can deliver that to the customer.”

Burr-Lonnon explains the different approaches: “Mouser is the Global NPI specialist with great on-line tools, search engines, e-commerce, broad inventory, high semiconductor and engineering-based web content. We offer small volumes on a quick turnaround to support design activities. But when the project moves into volume production, it’s more difficult for the NPI model to flourish due to the greater depth of inventory needed, sophisticated logistics programmes, inside and outside sales support.”

Breed picks up the narrative: “TTI offers engineering support but in a different and again, complementary way. In many cases, the design cycle starts with the Mouser model and then, as the customer project develops, TTI steps in at an engineering level to offer the face-to-face support where an engineer can discuss solutions, or meet with a supplier. This is why we keep TTI and Mouser as separate entities, while some competitors continually try to merge two very complex and different models.”

Suppliers, apparently, react very well to the synergistic relationship between TTI and Mouser. Breed says: “Because the combination offers them the right path to market – whether its small volume, NPI, engineering support, pro-active marketing, breadth and depth of inventory or local sales team support – they really like it. They can work one product programme through our two models and achieve their goals.” Burr-Lonnon adds: “We provide customers with a seamless ‘design chain to supply chain’ service, and our suppliers see very real benefits. Our model is unique and that’s what customers and suppliers love. Together, our joint approach ensures that customers get what they want – which is, after all what suppliers want too. “

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