Mouser promotes new Formula-E 270hp electric vehicle technology

11 November 2014

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Mouser Electronics is now promoting the technology and development of the new Formula E Electric Vehicle (EV) Racing. Mouser is a proud sponsor of the China Racing Formula E Racing Team, race cars running on batteries which generate as much as 270 kilowatts, which translates to 270 horsepower.

Formula E race cars are built on the SRT-01E model vehicle and can attain speeds as fast as 225km/h (150mph). The SRT-01E electric race car can go from zero to 100km/h (0–62mph) in as little as 3s using a fully electric powertrain and electronics. These cars are built on a carbon fibre and aluminium chassis that is both ultra-light and very strong. Electricity for the vehicle is supplied by 320kg (705lbs) of rechargeable batteries. The sound the car makes sounds surprisingly like the pod car racer from Star Wars.

The Formula E race cars use the same electric motors that were developed for the McLaren P1 racing hybrid car. In the Formula E this very efficient motor, or eMotor, generates an impressive 5kilowatts per kilogram, more than double the power output of eMotors used in passenger electric vehicles. This eMotor, coupled to a five-speed paddle shift sequential gearbox, creates a high-performance powertrain that reacts instantly to control input, giving the driver instant torque, instant braking, and rapid throttle response.

Mouser co-sponsors Vishay and Molex are important suppliers to the automotive electronics industry. EV components from Molex include the IP6K9K rated MXP150 Twist-Lock Sealed Connectors, 22 Amp bulkhead seal connectors used in EV battery cases, and the MXP120 Sealed Automotive Connector System, compact 13 Amp connectors found in electric vehicle start/stop systems. Components from Vishay Automotive include the low-profile IHLP-2525CZ-8A High Current IHLP Inductors which handle very high current spikes without saturation, and the MKP1848S Slim DC-Link Film Capacitors, a 1000V capacitor used in electric vehicle inverters. Because the high performance Formula E uses high voltages and currents in a tightly packed compartment, very high temperatures are generated which requires special cooling. To meet these conditions, these Molex and Vishay components can withstand temperatures as high as 180degC.

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