SKF roller screws catalogue now available

10 February 2015

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SKF roller screws catalogue now availableSKF is releasing its new roller screws catalogue. This catalogue includes SKF’s complete range of roller screws, designed for use across industry, in a variety of sectors including aerospace, railway, oil & gas, and more.

The new catalogue contains more information and detail on SKF’s most advanced product offerings than ever before, ensuring easy specification and selection by users requiring an expert product. Featured in the catalogue for the first time is SKF’s innovative inverted roller screws, which provide powerful electro-mechanical actuation in applications that require compactness, low torque and high load, speed and acceleration capability. Also included in the catalogue are the main types of roller screws offered by SKF: the traditional SR planetary roller screws, HR Ultra Power roller screws, SRR rotating nut with planetary roller screws, and SV recirculating roller screws.

In addition, the catalogue now features valuable information on lubrication and support bearings for roller screws and also SKF’s preferred range of roller screws, which includes the most frequently used sizes of planetary roller screws and recirculating roller screws. Within this assortment, standard size nuts are stocked in SKF’s factories in France and North America for improved availability, greater value and shorter delivery times circa 6 to 8 working weeks.

SKF planetary roller screws operate without recirculation to deliver the high level of robustness, load carrying capacity, speed and acceleration, service life and reliability that industries such as oil and gas, aerospace and the steel industry require.

Recirculating roller screws from SKF combine small leads and low rolling friction to provide a combination of load carrying capacity, fine resolution, and reliable positioning accuracy for ultra-precision driving systems in applications such as medical, satellites, precision grinders and more.

SKF offers the widest assortment of roller screws available on the market and has the experience and capability to specify and deliver the correct roller screws to ensure high reliability and performance in any application. Go to for more information.

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