Mouser extends Molex partnership with GWconnect product line

02 March 2015

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Mouser Electronics Inc., is entering into a global distribution agreement with Molex for its GWconnect heavy duty connectors and accessories. GWconnect is a recent acquisition by Molex Incorporated and expands their product line into heavy duty high-voltage connectors and accessories.

The GWconnect product line adds an extensive range of heavy duty connectors to the Molex product line. These connectors are used in control panels, robotics, industrial automation and wherever connections are required for power, control and signal circuitry in industrial applications or other particularly harsh environments.

GWconnect multipole industrial connectors are suitable for use with high-voltage AC and DC systems and conform to advanced European and American standards. The inserts are constructed using self-extinguishing thermoplastics, material which suppresses and removes flame when the source of the flame is removed. Connectors are compliant with UL94, ‘Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances’.

Connection options are flexible and include screw terminals, screw terminals with terminal block, spring terminals, crimp terminals and push-in terminals. Platings are available in silver and gold, as well as cost-sensitive tinned plating.

A wide selection of GWconnect rugged enclosures are also added to the Molex product line, each of which is designed for specific industrial applications. Typical construction is die-cast aluminum alloy or self-extinguishing thermoplastic. Most enclosures are built to be resistant to impact or high mechanical stresses.

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