Video shows how to set up the igus PPDS

05 March 2015

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Video shows how to set up the igus PPDSigus has released a step-by-step video demonstrating how to set up various features on its PPDS (Push Pull Force Detection) condition monitoring system.

Designed for long-travel e-chains, such as those found in crane applications, the main function of the PPDS is to monitor the push-pull forces of the moving system and shut the system down safely if a pre-defined force is exceeded e.g. in the event of a mechanical obstruction. In this case, the PPDS system will automatically generate an alarm message, which is sent to the maintenance operator automatically via e-mail or SMS. This allows remote fault diagnosis and all data is stored for up to three months for retrospective retrieval and analysis.

To watch a short clip on how to set up the PPDS system, such as setting up passwords, test drive modes and force limit values, please follow this link:

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