Free solenoid valve selection chart offered by Bürkert

16 March 2015

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Free solenoid valve selection chart offered by BürkertSolenoid valves play a vital role in controlling a multitude of processes across a wide range of industries, which means that the basic design has to be adaptable to suit a variety of temperatures, pressures and media in order to provide reliable service. Bürkert Fluid Control Systems aims to help maintenance engineers and designers in selecting the correct design for their application with the release of a free reference guide.

With solenoid valves designed to work in both liquid and gas control systems, the guide offers conversion tables for water vapour pressure, temperature, pressure and kinematic viscosity as well as details on flow rate calculations and information on the available valve bodies, seal and diaphragm materials.

The solenoid reference chart provides details for direct acting and servo-assisted valves, giving information on process connections, working pressures and temperatures, as well as the material used to manufacture the valve body and its seals which dictate its suitability for controlling various media types. The chart also indicates the suitability of each solenoid valve for operation with gases, liquids or both and lists any special features associated with each product.

A range of solenoid valves from Bürkert can be selected from a standard build or specified for a particular application, all variants offer excellent operating characteristics and reliability. With a wide range of materials, electrical connections, coil designs and voltages, the complete product range is designed to meet most application criteria.

For a copy of the solenoid valve selection chart or for further product details, email or go to, and follow this link to view a video.

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