Roadmap to energy efficiency: making UK industry sustainable

25 March 2015

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To help UK manufacturers cope with increasing energy prices and environmental regulations, industrial automation software expert COPA-DATA has published a white paper containing useful guidance for companies eager to reduce energy consumption. The ‘Roadmap to energy efficiency’ white paper can be downloaded from the COPA-DATA website.

The implementation of the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) has forced all large UK businesses to make energy efficiency a priority in the long term. The scheme mandates that all large enterprises need to organise comprehensive assessments of energy use and energy saving opportunities at least once every 4 years.

Similarly, since its introduction in 2011, the ISO 50001 standard has become increasingly popular with UK companies. The certification is a clear commitment to the continuous improvement of energy efficiency and results in the development of a company-wide energy management system.

Martyn Williams, Managing Director of COPA-DATA UK, explains: “The number and rigour of mandatory environmental measures is on the rise. Add to this the staggering complexity of optional energy certifications and you have a confusing mix that makes some companies postpone becoming energy efficient. COPA-DATA wanted to provide a short and clear guide of what companies could do to reduce their energy usage in the long run. In our experience, this is only achievable if a reliable, flexible energy management system is put in place.

“Gathering and analysing relevant production data to create energy key indicators and set realistic energy objectives is the first step towards energy efficiency.”

More in-depth information on energy management in compliance with ISO 50001 is available on the COPA-DATA website. Follow the link to download the The ‘Roadmap to energy efficiency’ white paper.

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