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25 March 2015

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Mouser Electronics is entering into a global distribution agreement and partnership with HALO Electronics, a global manufacturer of communication and power magnetic components for Ethernet, telecom, DC/DC converter circuits, and high-voltage isolation applications. The company’s new comprehensive portfolio includes their {Ethernet FastJacks, integrated RJ-45 connectors, RF transformers, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and telecom communications products.

The HALO Electronics product line provides a comprehensive selection of networking products and magnetic technologies, including discrete Ethernet transformers and integrated RJ45 FastJacks. The company’s Ethernet products range from 10BASE2 filtering modules to high-speed 10Gigabit isolation transformers. HALO’s High-Speed, UL-recognised, LAN product line offers a wide range of magnetic technologies that meet the IEEE standards for Ethernet and ATM applications. Other products under HALO’s portfolio include the HDC, HPC and HDS series of power inductors, PoE and PoE+ transformers, DC/DC Isolation transformers tested and approved by IC manufacturers, and a complete line of T1/E1 magnetic modules for use in a variety of telecommunications applications. HALO is also the exclusive sales and marketing channel for Pro-Tek5 Systems, Ltd. Ethernet isolators and lightning strike protectors.

John P. Diggins, HALO’s V.P of Sales, says: “This distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics provides a unique opportunity for our customers. With Mouser’s extended distribution network, complementary top-notch sales support, and on-time delivery and responsiveness, partnered with HALO’s 20+ years of magnetic experience and patented SMD construction, we’re sure to expand our global reach and get our products into the hands of developers even faster.”

The products featured on the HALO Electronics line card, available for purchase through the Mouser Electronics website, include a broad selection of quality magnetic components that are targeted toward a variety of applications, including networking and telecom equipment, industrial control, medical systems, automotive, and security.

Andy Kerr, Mouser Vice President of Supplier Management, says: “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to distribute HALO’s high-quality magnetic and communications-based solutions to our customers worldwide. Their addition to our existing product offering is sure to add value and provide our engineering community with many benefits due to their rich history and position as a recognized leader in the market.”

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