Key product highlights for igus at Hanover

13 May 2015

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Key product highlights for igus at HanoverLast month’s Hanover Show was the igus launch pad for introducing 155 new products and line extensions to the industrial automation industry.

Machine builders and system integrators in the industrial automation industry, as well as medical and automotive industries, use corrugated tubes as an integral part of the energy supply system. During the Hanover Show igus presented a new concept – the e-skin. In contrast to corrugated tube systems currently available, this easy-to-open hose is modular so it can be easily shortened or extended in the field. It is also self-supporting for short runs and is suitable for use in clean room environments.

For added reinforcement of existing corrugated tube systems, the snap-on e-shell provides a more controlled movement path.

With the new robolink D generation of direct-drive articulated arms, made of plastic and aluminium, robot manufacturers and machine and equipment builders can develop 4-axis robots both quickly and easily without burning too deep a hole in the pocket.

In addition, igus presented one of the lightest linear guides in the world made entirely of plastic, which helps machine builders meet the growing industry demands for additional weight saving, noise reduction and stability.

To watch Artur Peplinski, Leader International Group Development & Marketing, give a video tour of the igus stand during Hanover Show, please go to Visit igus (stand B3) during The ABTT Theatre Show, Alexandra Palace, London, on 24–25 June. For more information on igus new products and line extensions please go to

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