How to keep compressed air supply clean and pure - a free guide

22 June 2015

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How to keep compressed air supply clean and pure - a free guideBOGE Compressors is releasing a new free guide that explains how to ensure compressed air supply is kept clean, pure and free of contaminants. With so many potential contaminants placing the purity of compressed air and quality of manufactured products at risk, this new guide is an essential tool for compressed air system operators.

The guide outlines in depth the variety of threats that impact on compressed air systems. These threats include airborne particles such as dust and pollen, water vapour, which naturally occur in air, and compressor oil that is emitted as an oil vapour. It also discusses the consequences of ignoring or failing to deal with potential contaminants, such as the contamination of end products. This creates health risks and can result in reduced productivity and profitability when product batches must be discarded, and is especially true in the highly regulated and competitive food and beverage industry.

This guide also explains how to prevent the problem of compressed air contamination, providing a variety of options for breaking down and removing contaminants. This includes: building a defence system by utilising effective filtration systems, which can be installed at the compressor intake stage or downstream for further protection; and removing moisture to combat excess water vapour using adsorption technology.

Follow the link to get the free guide to keeping a compressed air supply clean and pure.

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