Mouser unveils enhanced Internet of Things applications site

08 July 2015

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Mouser unveils enhanced Internet of Things applications site Mouser Electronics is introducing their updated Internet of Things Applications site. Mouser’s updated and enhanced Applications site brings together the two evolving technologies critical for IoT: wireless connectivity for interconnecting embedded systems, and smart sensors. Combined with recent advances in low power microcontrollers, these new ‘things’ are being connected to the internet easily and inexpensively, ushering in a second industrial revolution.

The newly updated Internet of Things (IoT) Applications site makes it even easier for developers to find valuable information about this expanding field. The Technology section starts with the Overview tab, which provides a practical understanding of IoT technology and systems. A block diagram of a typical IoT sensor node explains how this IoT system operates, with links to components available from Mouser Electronics. The Connectivity tab explains the different wired and wireless protocols used for interconnecting IoT systems. The Data Collection tab discusses the sensors, smart sensors, and MEMS sensors used to collect data. The Processors and Power tab explains the low-power requirements, security, and power management used for processors and microcontrollers. Last, the Storage tab discusses the memory used for data storage in IoT projects, including cloud options.

The Featured Products section focuses on key products available from can be used to create a virtually unlimited number of IoT systems. Products include the HDC100X Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor from Texas Instruments. Also featured are Analog Devices‘ ADM7154/5 Low-Noise Linear Regulators as well as combination WiFi and Bluetooth radio modules from Intel. Additional components featured for IoT include of semiconductors, connectors, sensors, wireless modules, and development kits.

An Articles section discusses critical IoT topics, including an honest look at the Internet of Things and system design with integrated wireless microcontrollers. Also available are articles from Mouser’s supplier partners like Freescale Semiconductor and Maxim Integrated. All articles offer an area to post comments and questions to facilitate further discussion.

Rounding out the updated IoT site, the Technical Resources section lists educational videos and application notes for developing IoT systems. Topics include the growing number of IoT protocols, smart grid systems, IoT security, and circuit protection.

Follow the link to visit Mouser’s Internet of Things Applications site.

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