Video: how to set up a limit switch with Thomson Linear Units

14 July 2015

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Thomson Industries, Inc., has released a new educational video to help design engineers to set up a limit switch correctly with a Thomson linear unit.

Kyle Thompson, Global Product Line Manager, Systems at Thomson, explains in the video: “A limit switch is operated by the motion of a linear unit as part of a control system. Each limit switch sent out with a Thomson linear system comes with a track to match the stroke length of the unit.”

Kyle demonstrates how to install the limit switch onto the track in the video. He explains: “The user only needs to slide it into position on any part of the unit and screw it down until secure. This can be adjusted as necessary for where the engineer wants to mount the unit.” The cover strip for each linear unit is provided for aesthetic protection. Each limit switches cables can slide into position on the track.

Thomson linear motion systems range from very small units to large ones. Profile sizes range from as small as 25mm up to 130mm in height and up to almost 240mm in width. Thomson offers its customers longer stroke lengths of up to 12m as a standard option on all linear motion systems.

Thomson has authored a wide range of educational videos, webinars and technical white papers available now at to inform and guide design engineers, explain technology alternatives and simplify the linear motion component selection process.

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