A-to-Z of iglidur self-lubricating plain bearings

02 November 2015

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A-to-Z of iglidur self-lubricating plain bearingsTribopolymer specialist igus has issued a short video showing its extensive range of iglidur bearings.

The company now offers a total of 16 iglidur bearing materials, each in 113 different standard DIN ISO 3547 dimensions up to diameters of 50 mm. Totalling over 1,300 standard parts, the igus plain bearings can be delivered from stock, within 24 hours, and with no minimum order quantities.

From high temperature to seawater, from food to automotive, the A-to-Z list of materials ranges from iglidur A181, A350 and A500, all of which are FDA-suitable, to iglidur Z for extreme environments. In addition, frequently used materials, such as iglidur G, J, W300, X and M250, are available from stock in standard diameters up to 150mm. All iglidur materials are self-lubricating and maintenance free.

In order to determine the optimum and most cost-effective bearing that is guaranteed to work for a given application, igus offers the ‘expert system’. After entering the application parameters (load, speed, temperatures, etc.), the online tool lists the most appropriate products with their prices. The tool also cross-references each proposed material with results from actual material tests to calculate the predicated service life of bearing material.

Follow the link to watch a short clip that shows the extensive range of iglidur bearings.

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