Omron Safety Services increase machine productivity

29 September 2015

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Omron Safety Services increase machine productivityOmron will have a team of its Safety Services consultants on hand at the PPMA show to offer information and advice on legislation and compliance, and demonstrate how machine safety isn’t simply an additional cost but how it can actually improve productivity.

The Omron team of TUV-certified functional safety engineers offers a host of machine safety services, from advice on current legislation to performing on-site machine inspections to check for compliance with demanding safety standards. The complete range of machine safety services is scalable to fit the needs of small, single-site enterprises right up to multi-site global operations.

Tim Hall, EMEA Safety Services project manager at Omron, says: “Omron’s machine safeguarding assessment and risk reduction solution offers great value to companies by combining a risk level score with a comprehensive assessment report containing prioritised corrective actions for each machine. This allows companies to target funds to the most important areas.”

The expertise required through all phases of a machine safeguarding process will not be the core competence of most manufacturers, but Omron’s Safety Services team are certified to the highest levels and are active members of international machine safety standards committees.

Advice, assessment and training activities from the Safety Services team dovetail with the innovative range of safety technologies offered by Omron, covering everything from safety sensors and switches, through light curtains and scanners, up to safety controllers and I/O, all networked to form a tightly integrated machine safety system, and with the ability to be further integrated into the standard control system.

Hall says: “With this level of expertise – both at product level and with services beyond automation – we’re keen to emphasise that a focus on machine safety can actually increase productivity rather than hinder it. All too often safety is tackled as an ‘add on’ after the rest of the machine design is completed, and this is when safety begins to compromise productivity. But if safety is an integral part of the machine design from the outset, properly considering how operators will interact with the machine, then safety precautions and predictive methods can improve overall safety levels while reducing machine downtime.

As well as having members of its Safety Services team on hand at PPMA, Omron’s stand will feature an infographic and detailed media presentation highlighting the difference that Safety Services can make to any company’s business. Go to for further details.

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