e-skin – an innovative energy supply

14 January 2016

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e-skin – an innovative energy supplyIgus has released a short video to demonstrate how easy it is to use the innovative e-skin energy supply system that consists of an upper and lower shell which, when fitted together, creates a completely enclosed alternative to conventional energy chains.

Typical applications include pick & place, printers and other machines where corrugated tubes are currently still used. Due to its abrasion resistance and water and dust-proof offering, e-skin is also cleanroom compatible in accordance with IPA Class 1, and suitable for cleanroom appliances.

e-skin has a defined movement direction and can also support itself. It can therefore be used as a horizontal energy supply for short, unsupported lengths. In addition, the modular tube offers more space than round corrugated tubes, due to its oval design. Interior separation modules offer cable-friendly cable guiding.

The energy supply is available in a variety of materials and colours, and is also offered in small quantities to suit each user’s individual requirements. To watch a demonstration of e-skin and see how simple it is to open and close, please visit

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