Stemmer Imaging to show manufacturing applications of vision

18 February 2016

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Stemmer Imaging to show manufacturing applications of visionStemmer Imaging will be showing a variety of industrial vision systems on stand 5956 at MACH 2016, which takes place at the NEC from 11–15 April 2016. These will include a smart 3D system making 3D measurements on parts on a conveyor, a multi-camera packaging inspection system, robotic pick & place with a novel pattern matching method and component inspection using a high-resolution smart camera.

The LMI Gocator series of 3D profile sensors will be highlighted in a conveyor belt demonstration where various 3D components of parts will be measured and a pass/fail decision made. The Gocator is a self-contained 3D profile sensor, which uses an integral laser line projector to build a series of 3D profiles of an object moving underneath it. A comprehensive set of built in 3D measurement tools allow a wide range of measurements to be made without the need for an external computer.

A multi-camera packaging inspection system will be used to determine print quality, read alphanumeric and barcode data and check fill-level as boxes pass underneath. Using cameras from JAI, Allied Vision and Teledyne DALSA, this will show how cameras with different interfaces (USB3 Vision and GigE Vision) and varying resolutions can be combined to meet different inspection needs.

Vision-enabled robotic pick and place is a well-established technique, but here a novel pattern matching tool, CVB Polimago is used to determine the position, pose and rotation of the items to be picked. CVB Polimago is a module of Stemmer Imaging’s Common Vision Blox hardware-independent machine vision library. It is differentiated from other pattern matching methods by generating artificial views of the model during the training phase to simulate various positions of a component in real life.

Teledyne DALSA’s new 5 megapixel Boa 2 smart camera will be shown inspecting pharmaceutical packaging. With inspections up to 80 parts/second, enhanced embedded measurement and processing software, and a variety of I/O and mounting options, the versatile Boa 2 can automate identification, measurement, guiding and verification requirements in a host of applications.

For further information about industrial vision systems visit Stemmer on stand 5956 at MACH 2016 or go to

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