Elesa Standard Machining Service saves time, eliminates waste

16 March 2016

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Elesa Standard Machining Service saves time, eliminates wasteElesa is promoting its fast turn-around machining service for their standard machine elements such as handwheels (2, 3, 4 spoke and solid), also crank handles, clamping knobs with bored insert, as well as 3 arm lobe knobs and tri-lobe knobs which ensures quick and correct fitment to the operating shaft.

The service uses pre-set machining jigs, fixtures and tooling so saves internal time and program disruption costs, as well as ensuring that any mistakes are at no cost to the customer. This simplifies the production process for standard secondary operations such as drill and tap or bore and ream, for example to H7 tolerance. The service is applicable to plastic moulded items with insert, or solid, for example aluminium or stainless steel which require a keyway, cross-drill and pin or specialist machining such as undercuts or partial threads. There is no minimum quantity (Elesa can do one-off if required) on standard components and can also apply to outright customised products from the Elesa factory in larger quantities.

Consequently, customers receive full machined components, production ready ‘out of the box’ ready to fit, so saving the time taken programming in-house work or sending for outside machining. This unusual service is seen as part of the Elesa commitment to their customers saving time, saving money and ensuring guaranteed quality through the supply/production chain.

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