SKF arranges Meet the World football tournament for ninth year

07 April 2016

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SKF arranges Meet the World football tournament for ninth yearSKF (U.K.) Ltd is organising Meet the World for the ninth year. The UK tournament takes place in Livingston, West Lothian, on 7 May 2016. Meet the World is a local football tournament where the winning team gets a free trip to Sweden and participation in the world’s biggest football tournament, Gothia Cup. The Gothia Cup tournament is open for young boys and girls with age between 11 and 18.

Sharon Smith, Managing Director, SKF (U.K.) Limited says: “We arrange Meet the World tournament to give children a chance, who wouldn’t have had the opportunity, to win a trip to Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, the world’s largest youth football tournament.”

As part of the SKF involvement, a social media campaign called Celebrate the World asks all participants in the local tournaments, as well as their families and friends in their network, to upload and share their goal celebrations. The aim is to create an online meeting place that brings the children together and can spread the participation to a wider audience.

Gothia Cup is the world’s biggest tournament for boys and girls and takes place in Sweden, in July, every year. The main purpose is to create a meeting place for the world’s children, regardless of culture, age, social background or nationality. The tournament has been going on for some 30 years and every year it attracts around 1500 teams from 70 countries.

Alrik Danielson, President and CEO of SKF says: “We want to give children a chance to meet other cultures, exchange ideas and dreams, and all this while following their passion for football. The youth is our future and that is why SKF Meet the World is so important for us. The Meet the World tournaments and the Gothia Cup partnership is one of our largest CSR projects and we are extremely proud of it.”

SKF and Gothia Cup became main partners in 2006 and since then Meet the World tournaments have been arranged in 39 countries with 169 Meet the world tournaments. SKF has brought over 2500 children in winning teams to Gothenburg and Gothia Cup. In 2015 over 200 teams participated in the 23 tournaments. For more information please visit

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