BOGE publishes new guide to oil-free compressed air

06 April 2016

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BOGE publishes new guide to oil-free compressed airBOGE Compressors has published a comprehensive new guide to oil-free compressed air. It explains the key differences between types of air compressors, as well as the important factors that should be considered for the reliable production of absolutely 100 per cent oil-free compressed air.

Available as a free download, this new guide is a must-read for professionals in all sectors, especially those responsible for the reliable supply of compressed air in sterile and clean environments. It provides everything readers need to know to understand oil-free compressed air and how to produce it for use in their application.

The guide highlights the most important considerations when selecting a compressed air unit that meets the requirements of a specific application, including: the key differences between oil-free and oil-injected systems, the varying ranges of oil-free compressors available and the significant benefits of ‘dry running units’ in comparison with their lubrication-aided counterparts.

The guide also supplies valuable information on the key areas where businesses can improve the energy efficiency of their compressed air systems, such as through using variable speed drives and installing heat recovery technology. This enables significant savings in running costs to be made.

Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE Compressors UK says: “Specifying the best system for a particular application and environment can be a time-consuming exercise and requires specialist knowledge to get it right. The new guide goes a long way in providing businesses with the information necessary to make an informed decision on the type of compressor they need. We recommend also consulting with the experts before making a final decision.”

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