Henkel announces functional coatings ‘TechDay’ in Birmingham

18 May 2016

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Henkel announces functional coatings ‘TechDay’ in BirminghamHenkel is staging a free-of-charge Functional Coatings TechDay on 26 May 2016 at the Strathallan Hotel in Birmingham. This high-profile event will comprise a series of informative and insightful presentations delivered by senior technologists from Henkel’s expert international team. In addition, an exhibition area will provide a platform for product discussions, technical questions and networking. The event is being organised with the full support of the Institute of Materials Finishing (IMF), which is also taking a stand at the exhibition.

After a brief introduction of the Henkel value chain from Nic Tolton, Functional Coatings Business Manager at Henkel AG, UK & Ireland, the first of five 45-minute presentations will be delivered by Ronald Elemens, Henkel’s Market Development Manager Cleaners W-E. The topic will be cleaners, and how it is possible to identify the right cleaner for the required application in just four simple steps.

With particular emphasis on the BONDERITE range, Ronald will also discuss Henkel’s developments in this technology area, such as a new range of low-temperature cleaners that achieve the same high-quality outcome as traditional higher-temperature alternatives without any extra time or agitation. The upshot is significant cost savings for the user, as less heating is required. Ronald will also provide information on the launch of an innovative de-foaming product that is supplied in tablet form. This is designed to eliminate the need to manually measure out de-foaming fluids, saving both time and the potential for overdosing.

Next to present will be Raúl Hernández Acosta, who is the Functional Coatings Business Development Manager for Henkel Ibérica S.A. Raúl specialises in HDG (hot dip galvanising) technologies, and will be a launching a range of products that although new to the UK, are highly proven in European markets, commanding a 60 per cent market share in Iberia (Spain and Portugal), for example.

Raúl will be followed after a buffet lunch by Eric Ardourel, Henkel AG’s Market Development Manager Europe – Functional Coatings General Industry. Eric will deliver a presentation on new generation coatings with particular emphasis on the BONDERITE Metal Pre-Treatment Paint Process (M-PP), a coating where an organic polymeric emulsion chemically deposits on the surface of a clean metal substrate. BONDERITE M-PP is known in industry as the ‘simple solution’ because it reduces the number and complexity of stages involved in painting parts. Furthermore, not only is it environmentally-friendly, but it offers significant savings for the user as there is less cleaning, less desludging and less maintenance.

Architectural Aluminium

Architectural Aluminium is the fourth topic of the day, which will be delivered by Luigi Assandri, Henkel’s Business Development Light Metal Finishing – Functional Coatings. The main focus will be on products that are free of the hexavalent chrome-based chemicals found in traditional products for aluminium windows used in commercial buildings. These advanced products from Henkel not only offer shorter process times, but are non-hazardous and do not produce any effluent that requires treatment. New to the UK, the products lead the market in Europe from both a technology and sales volume perspective.

Finally, Simone Farneti of Henkel – Technical Service Europe – Equipment Group Adhesive Technologies – Functional Coatings, will give an overview of the company’s equipment offer. Henkel’s equipment for functional coating products incorporates over 40 years of experience in design, dosing, measurement and control systems for metal pre-treatment processes. Here, innovative equipment packages such as Lineguard offer an automatic option to complete bath management, and help deliver chemical savings of circa 25 per cent thanks to the elimination of accidental overdosing.

Throughout the day there will be breaks between each presentation where delegates can take refreshments and visit the exhibition area. Here it will be possible to see the products discussed in the presentations and put any questions to the technical experts on hand. In fact, delegates are invited to bring their technical problems along to the event, regardless of whether they relate to metal finishing, heat treatment or adhesives. Henkel’s experienced professionals will be more than happy to discuss the products available.

Those wishing to attend the Henkel Functional Coatings TechDay 2016 are kindly requested to register in advance by clicking here.

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