Thomson web video: how to increase rigidity in a linear actuator

20 June 2016

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Thomson Industries has released an educational video that provides design engineers with best practice tips on how to increase the rigidity of a linear actuator.

Chad Carlberg, Product Line Specialist for Linear Actuators at Thomson says: “Linear actuators are designed to handle loads axially. One of the most common failure modes of linear actuators is side loading.” This occurs when a force exists that is perpendicular to the axis of rotation.

In the video, Carlberg describes how stroke length can affect design: “The longer the stroke length, the more susceptible an actuator is to binding or bending of the screw.” He goes on to explain how to increase the rigidity in an actuator: “A nut guide can be added for additional load support, and a design engineer could increase the ball screw diameter to add rigidity to the linear actuator.”

Thomson has authored a wide range of educational videos, webinars and technical white papers available now at to inform and guide design engineers, explain technology alternatives and simplify the linear motion component selection process. Please follow the link to view the full video. For more information about Thomson’s range of linear actuators, please visit

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