Abssac's miniature ball screws at the Engineering Design Show

27 July 2016

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Abssac's miniature ball screws at the Engineering Design ShowAbssac will be at the Engineering Design Show promoting its range of cold roll-formed miniature ball screws that feature precision cold rolled screws and precision ground ball nuts (the photograph shows clear plastic ball nuts so you can see the ball tracks). The ball screw and nut combination delivers a lead accuracy close to that of a precision ground screw but with a considerable cost saving. The standard working tolerances can achieve a cumulative lead error C7 (+/-0.05/300mm) or C10 (+/-0.21/300mm). A high mechanical efficiency of over 90 per cent means the required torque is reduced to only one-third of what is required to drive a conventional lead screw with a plastic nut.

Abssac ball screws are manufactured, assembled and inspected using the same discipline for processing super-precision ball screws in a temperature-controlled environment. Using selected materials that are optimal for rolling contact, the frictional resistance is minimised, which results in less wear and greater performance than other ball screw designs.

Abssac's ability to supply ball screws machined to print so that they can be placed immediately into the application adds another reason to use this company as a supplier of linear motion components. By having the ball screw assemblies delivered complete, this immediately reduces the scrap rate for the customer. The machining capability enables Abssac to deliver the screws machined to customers' individual requirements, while a full range of precision linear slides, thrust and radial bearings further complement the ball screw ranges.

With over 30 years' experience, and knowledgeable staff always available, Abssac looks forward to meeting old and new customers at the Engineering Design Show in October 2016. Or go to for more information about cold roll-formed miniature ball screws and other linear motion products from Abssac.

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