New Dawson Shanahan guide to designing for manufacture

16 August 2016

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New Dawson Shanahan guide to designing for manufacture Dawson Shanahan is releasing a new guide to improving component quality and profitability through the process of designing components for manufacturing. In its brand new guide, the company explains how designing for manufacturing leads to better, more profitable products. The guide is available as a free download from the company’s website and is a must-read for engineers responsible for the designing and manufacturing of components.

Faced with a complex component design problem, engineers usually prioritise finding an option that meets operational requirements and worry about other issues such as manufacturing cost targets later. This approach can lead to sub-optimal choices that are expensive or difficult to produce. To prevent this, the process of design for manufacture requires engineers to focus on manufacturing and assembly earlier in the design process.

The guide, titled Designing For Manufacturing, explores the key areas of designing for manufacture and explains the benefits of this increasingly popular process. It provides useful examples of how and why products developed and manufactured by leading companies have been abandoned or required complete redesigns due to the failure to meet manufacturing cost targets. It also provides a best practice example of where design for manufacture enabled a flawed component to be produced at lower cost, in fewer operations and with an improved surface finish.

Jeff Kiernan, Commercial Director at Dawson Shanahan explains: “By focusing on manufacturing and assembly considerations earlier in the product development lifecycle, engineers can make better design decisions – instead of later in the development lifecycle when it’s too late. Our new guide helps companies to achieve this by providing them with the information they need to enhance component quality and boost profitability in the process.”

Download the guide to designing for manufacturing for free on the Dawson Shanahan website.

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