MLC identifies 6 critical issues predicted to disrupt industry

22 September 2016

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The Manufacturing Leadership Council (MLC), an executive-level leadership organisation dedicated to achieving transformational growth for the manufacturing industry, announces its Critical Issues roadmap to Manufacturing 4.0, the next wave of industrial progress.

With the global manufacturing industry at a pivotal point in its history, the MLC, a unit of global consultancy Frost & Sullivan, identifies six Critical Issues facing the manufacturing industry as it undertakes its journey to the information-based future envisioned by Manufacturing 4.0.

  • Factories of the Future
  • The Integrated Manufacturing Enterprise
  • Innovation in Manufacturing
  • Transformative Technologies
  • Next-Generation Manufacturing Leadership & the Changing Workforce
  • Cybersecurity

Based on extensive consultation with more than 500 senior executives and associate members of the MLC and Board of Governors, the latest Critical Issues agenda is designed to help manufacturers align their thinking and practices for a successful journey to Manufacturing 4.0.

David R. Brousell, Co-founder of the MLC, says: “The future of manufacturing is not only going to be full of new opportunities for strong growth based on the intelligent use of new cyber/physical technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Big Data and the Cloud, but it is also going to be an exciting place to work for a new generation of employees. To enable this vision to become a reality, manufacturing executives need a strategic roadmap to transform their businesses for the digital era. The MLC’s Critical Issues agenda brings both focus and clarity to the mission of Manufacturing 4.0.”

Dr Detlef Z├╝hlke, Chairman of Germany’s SmartFactoryKL Technology Initiative, Scientific Director of Innovative Factory Systems at the German Research Center for AI, and a member of the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s Board of Governors, says: “We are facing many new challenges in the era of Manufacturing 4.0 – in technology as well as leadership and education. As Manufacturing 4.0 is mainly based on network progress, it will be essential to collaborate and learn as part of a network of thought-leaders across the industry. The MLC offers the right platform to achieve this goal.”

Founded in 2008, the Manufacturing Leadership Council’s vision is to create and inspire a global community of manufacturing executives who believe in the proposition that manufacturing is the fundamental driver of economic and social prosperity, and that its growth will lead to a better future and a higher standard of living for all people. The MLC’s mission is to inspire manufacturing executives to achieve transformational growth for themselves, their companies, and for the industry at large through enlightened leadership.

The Council focuses on the intersection of advanced technologies and the business, identifying growth and improvement opportunities in the operation, organisation and leadership of manufacturing enterprises. In support of this, the Council produces an extensive portfolio of leadership networking, information, and professional development products, programs, and services.

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