Belden to highlight tomorrow’s technologies at SPS/IPC/Drives

06 October 2016

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Belden Inc. will highlight the company’s ongoing development of products and technologies for the development of tomorrow’s automation networks at SPS/IPC/Drives 2016 in Nuremberg.

Visitors to the Belden booth – Hall 10 Booth 120 – will be able to experience Belden’s vision on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In ‘The Journey to the IIoT’, Belden will demonstrate how automation networks will evolve in the future, from the field level to the control room.

Belden will also demonstrate how Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is the key to the future and how TSN can be deployed as a key technology in automation networks, in a visualisation of how a TSN network can be configured and supervised.

In addition, the Belden team will be highlighting a number of new products and technologies from its Belden, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation product ranges, designed to enhance the productivity of industrial systems and machines.

Highlights include:

MSP40 Full Gigabit MICE Switch Power: An addition to the Hirschmann MSP family. Fully Modular 28 port Gigabit (including 4 × 2.5 Gigabit Uplink ports) best-in-class DIN-Rail switch with Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities for efficiency and flexibility.

Network Management Software Industrial HiVision 7.0: Industrial HiVision is a network management application for the configuration and supervision of products from Hirschmann and GarrettCom, as well as SNMP-enabled products from any manufacturer. This newest version includes functions to facilitate the management of larger networks. The Network Dashboard displays key performance and security indicators, giving an overview of the network at a glance. Switch configurations can be backed up automatically at predefined intervals. The network security status display has been extended to include more security-related parameters.

Industrial Cellular Routers OWL LTE and OWL LTE M12

These new OWL Industrial Cellular Routers offer advanced secured remote access capabilities and increased routing functionalities in a single product. The rich set of hardware and software features are suitable for applications in IT and communications, industrial automation, security, energy, geographically dispersed monitoring sites, mobile machines and transportation.

  • OWL LTE Industrial Cellular Router: Single box product designed for wireless mobile network communication that makes use of LTE, HSPA+, UMTS, EDGE or GPRS technologies
  • OWL LTE M12 Industrial Cellular Router: Reliable remote access product for railway applications using LTE, UMTS or GSM technologies. Embedded GPS and dead reckoning functionalities for innovative navigation/positioning purposes and GSM calls via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

BAT867-R Wireless Access Points: The new BAT867-R represents a technological innovation (IEEE 802.11ac) and delivers an optimum price-performance ratio for multiple applications and markets. Main benefits include dual band (2.4GHz / 5GHz) industrial high-performance Wireless LAN Access Point/Client with IEEE 802.11ac, very compact form factor and ease of installation.

MachFlex Cabling: A new line of robust and flexible machine cables, designed by Belden to meet the growing need for highly systemised, smaller and compact machines. MachFlex cables are small in size so they save installation space, and yet highly durable to meet the flexibility, physical and mechanical requirements needed by machine builders as well as their customers and end-users.

ECE R 118 Industrial Ethernet Cable: A recently launched range of Industrial Ethernet cables, that meet the stringent EU standard for high fire protection requirements for cables installed in buses, ECE R 118.01. The Cat 5e and Cat 7 are designed to handle high data volumes and are described as the best in class solution for bus manufacturers, installers and suppliers alike.

MIPP Pre-Terminated MPO Cassette: As network connectivity needs expand moving fast towards a quick and simple deployment, the new MIPP Pre-Terminated MPO Cassette supports the next level of network availability required for industrial applications. The 100 per cent factory terminated and tested MIPP MPO Cassette provides an uncompromisingly flexible, plug & play system, with no need to splice, cleave or polish when installing. The MIPP MPO cassette ensures an efficient, fast and reliable one-person installation and allows for a quick network reconfiguration in the event of moves, adds and changes.

Field Level I/O System LioN-Power: Lumberg Automation continues to expand its field level LioN-Power I/O system with a family of active I/O modules for an all-in-one, multiprotocol solution that meets PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT protocols for industrial automation settings. Until now, separate PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT modules were required – three products with very different power components. Now the family of LioN-Power active I/O modules can facilitate all three protocols within one multiprotocol I/O module.

  • LioN-Power Field Level Controller: Distributed Control Unit (DCU): DCUs enable users to solve simple tasks to relieve the workload on the PLC while also reducing bus communication. The first LioN-Power DCU model is based on a free software, LDMicro and has eight physical digital inputs and eight digital outputs.
  • LioN-Power Digital I/O Modules: Protocol Extension with EtherCAT: The LioN-Power active digital I/O multiprotocol offering now includes the Industrial Ethernet protocol EtherCAT which sets new standards for real-time performance and topology flexibility. Lumberg Automation’s multiprotocol system combined with its L-coded M12 Power connectors provides machine builders with considerable long and short-term cost savings.
  • LioN-Power IO-Link Masters: Protocol Extension with EtherNet/IP: IO-Link master ports have always been multi-functional on the I/O port. Every port can be used as a digital input, digital output or IO-Link. LioN-Power makes IO-Link masters universal with the addition of EtherNet/IP as the second Industrial Ethernet protocol in a new universal multiprotocol IO-Link master line, available with a choice of housings and connectors.
  • LioN-Power One Cable Automation IO-Link Masters: M12 Hybrid Connectivity: LioN-Power One Cable Automation Hybrid modules reduce installation times and simplify connectivity by integrating the design and functionality of the Lumberg Automation new M12 Hybrid Y-coded power supply and bus function connectivity products. These I/O modules are suitable for an on-machine active I/O system even in the narrowest installation spaces.

M12 Power Hybrid Y-Coded Cordsets and Connectors: New M12, 8-pole Y-Coded Hybrid Connectors provide one interface to simultaneously transfer power up to 2x6A and data at Fast Ethernet speed with up to 100Mbit/s over one cordset. Designed in accordance with the IEC 61076-2-113 Y-coding standard, these products have 360 degree shielding, mechanical resistance and high pressured water protection of up to IP69K. It is the first M12-Hybrid connector to receive UL 2238 certification.

M8 5-Pole, B-Coded Series with Snap or Screw Attachments: The M8 5-pole, B-coded series combines industry-proven technology with small M8 interfaces. Their small size supports installations in applications where space is limited and reduced weight is a must, such as robotics and other applications with moving parts. The series’ powerful design also reliably transfers signals to today’s advanced end devices that require higher signal outputs and inputs for sensors and small electronic drives.

In a world moving toward new levels of interoperability made possible by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), visibility is vital to operators as they face increasing demands to receive, analyse and share data. Belden’s industrial connectivity offerings address these needs head on. With more connected machines, rising data volumes and increasing productivity demands, customers can count on Belden cable and Lumberg Automation and Hirschmann industrial connectors for a complete communications infrastructure designed to last. Belden’s customised systems provide high levels of performance and reliability to help a wide range of industrial automation applications handle the growth of intelligent, networked devices and robust analytics. Visit and to learn more.

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