3D-printed tools: cost-effective injection-moulded parts

01 November 2016

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3D-printed tools: cost-effective injection-moulded partsigus is offering a service to 3D print injection mould tools, enabling rapid and cost-effective production of custom parts. This new service complements a range of products and services igus now offers across the design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing cycle, from 3D printing parts and machining stock bar, to supplying tribo filaments and SLS powders to 3D print with or tribo polymers for traditional injection moulding.

Robert Dumayne, director, igus, says: “Injection moulding tools, or moulds, usually manufactured from steel or aluminium for high-volume production, can have relatively high costs, with longer lead times. With 3D-printed plastic moulds, igus is providing more options for design engineers and manufacturers seeking a cost-saving alternative for prototyping or low-volume production.”

For parts with simple geometries, the 3D printed injection moulds can be produced with short lead times, using the SLS (selective laser sintering) printing process. The moulds are for use in existing injection moulding machines and are capable of withstanding these high temperatures for up to several hundred uses (depending on the iglidur material used). Injection moulded parts can then be produced using a wide range of proven and tribologically-optimised iglidur materials. Engineers can also still easily iterate on the design, quickly and inexpensively 3D printing new moulds.

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