LG Motion demonstrates SMAC's moving coil actuators

03 November 2016

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LG Motion demonstrates SMAC's moving coil actuatorsLG Motion had a very successful Engineering Design Show at the Ricoh stadium. On show were examples of the motion control products designed and manufactured by the company as well as one of the latest technologies manufactured by one of LG Motions partners, SMAC.

In brief, the moving coil actuator which SMAC has developed allows the client to measure, test and verify with a single unit, simplifying the process, reducing components required and saving time.

Electric actuators are precision programmable devices. Moving coil actuators are unique in that force, position and speed are totally programmable and can be used at exceptionally high speeds or very low speeds with sub-micron accuracy and repeatability. The special feature of this moving coil actuator is the patented ‘soft land’ feature which gives very accurate sensing of product location or dimensions. The ‘soft-land’ is a routine which allows the actuator rod or gripper jaw to land on the surface of a component with a low programmed force. This is particularly useful for handling delicate or high-value components.

The routine consists of a controlled low force approach in velocity mode, whilst the position error is constantly monitored. Once contact is made the position error builds up until a pre-programmed figure is reached – resulting in the rod maintaining position on the surface of the component.

This makes this type of actuator suitable for a wide range of high-cycle positioning, measuring, inspection or pick and place applications, including those cases where 100 per cent verification is required.

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