Smart plastics for predictive maintenance

14 December 2016

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Smart plastics for predictive maintenanceigus has released a new video that explains how 'smart plastics' add intelligence and communications to the company's proven cable, e-chain and linear bearing products. This industry 4.0-ready technology enables machine and system builders to add condition monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities to their equipment, which, in turn, helps eliminate unplanned machine downtime. In addition, with just-in-time replacements for critical components available, significant time and cost savings can be realised.

The intelligent cables continuously monitor their performance during operation and can alert the machine operator when their service life is drawing to a close, while intelligent e-chains measure their wear. Diverse dynamic applications can include automated assembly and manufacturing plants, pick and place, cutting machines, materials handling, linear or multi-axis robots, cranes or gantries, water gates and steel works. Signals are collected by igus icom modules, which can be seamlessly integrated into plant infrastructure to supply measurement data to the system and optionally to the igus cloud, enabling operators to monitor machine health from their desk – or anywhere via the internet.

Add intelligence to your machine by integrating igus smart plastics to reduce maintenance costs and virtually eliminate unplanned downtime, while optimising equipment efficiency, maximising service life and improving machine safety. Follow the link to watch the smart plastics video.

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