Mouser unveils easy new way to see the newest products

26 January 2017

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Mouser unveils easy new way to see the newest productsMouser Electronics has introduced a new feature that simplifies the way customers can browse and search for products on its award-winning website With the Newest Products tab, customers can now quickly view the newest products while navigating by product category – just another way Mouser makes it easy to find the latest technologies.

With a constantly updated inventory of more than 4 million parts, Mouser is a go-to source for the most up-to-date semiconductors and electronic components. With the new browsing feature, customers can easily access the latest product innovations to hit the market with just a couple of clicks. Mouser customers can find product information via the Newest Products tab, as well as by images or by datasheets, in addition to searching for products through the site’s parametric Product Search. Mouser knows that time is money and that nobody wants to waste time with end-of-life products. This is one more way where Mouser sets itself apart in the industry.

Hayne Shumate, Mouser’s Senior Vice President of Internet Business says: “The Newest Products feature allows customers to browse by using any search or navigation function. It is now possible for the newest products to be grouped and browsed fluidly using the search and filter methods that customers already know.”

Clicking on All Products, for instance, opens a page with links to 18 categories, including Semiconductors, Circuit Protection, and Connectors. Clicking on any of the categories or subcategories reveals the Datasheets, Images, and Newest Products tabs. From there, customers can click to browse the newest products in subcategories. For example, clicking on ‘Semiconductors’ and then clicking on the Newest Products tab reveals dozens more sub-categories. Customers can then drill down further to find the newest products with the specific features they seek, with each product just another click away from an image, datasheet, or pricing. It’s that quick and simple.

Whether searching products, product categories or product types, customers can take advantage of Mouser’s new options to easily review additional information to discover and make their selections with flexibility and speed. To watch a video on the new features, go to To learn more, visit

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