Mouser and GSI Technology enter worldwide distribution agreement

14 February 2017

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Mouser and GSI Technology enter worldwide distribution agreementMouser Electronics is announcing a global distribution agreement with GSI Technology, developers of a broad range of high-performance memory products for networking, military, medical, automotive, and other applications. GSI Technology’s static random access memory (SRAM) products utilise world-class, low-power 0.25 micron to 40 nanometer CMOS process technologies. Many GSI products are specifically recommended for use with a variety of host devices, such as network processors and FPGAs.

The GSI Technology product line consists of four series of memory products that combine capacity and performance, offering unequalled transaction rates. GSI’s SigmaQuad SRAMs are synchronous memories with separate read and write data buses that can transfer four beats of data (as two beats per data bus) in a single clock cycle. SigmaQuad memories are compatible with other quad data rate SRAMs in the industry and are suitable for applications that alternate between read and write operations frequently, at operating speeds up to 1333MHz. GSI’s SigmaDDR SRAMs are synchronous memories with a common read and write data bus. SigmaDDR memories transfer two beats of data on the data bus in a single clock cycle and are compatible with competitor double data rate SRAMs.

GSI Technology’s No Bus Turnaround (NBT) devices are synchronous, burst-capable memories that require no ‘turnaround’ cycles (i.e., idle clock cycles between a read and write operation). The devices’ simplified interface is designed to use a data bus’s maximum bandwidth. The GSI NBT portfolio is available from Mouser in 144Mbit and 288Mbit densities by 18- and 36-bit widths. GSI’s SyncBurst SRAMs are synchronous burst devices that provide a burst of two to four words (typical) in response to a single command. Both the NBT and SyncBurst devices are well suited for military, industrial, networking, automotive, and medical imaging applications.

Follow the link to learn more about GSI Technologies products available from Mouser.

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