LG Motion becomes UK distributor for Baumeister & Schack

19 April 2017

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LG Motion becomes UK distributor for Baumeister & Schack LG Motion is announcing that it will represent baumeister & schack in the UK. Founded in 1980, the company which is located to the south of Stuttgart, designs, develops and manufactures DC motor drive systems and actuation products for diverse applications in the automotive, medical, machine tool and furniture industries.

LG Motion’s Managing Director Gary Livingstone believes that the addition of this innovative range of telescopic lifters opens another opportunity to provide a complete and diverse range of products for industrial and scientific applications.

The compact and high-rated units play a very important part in improving the ergonomics of the workplace, mainly in manufacturing/workshop equipment but also in many other applications where ergonomic considerations are important.

A highlight of the range is the industrial lifter Hexalift which is includes a wide range of telescopic lifters in different shapes and lifting capacities. Another outstanding product is the slideway lifter which is described as unique on the market and can be customised to lengths of up to 2000mm.

Hexalift Industrial Lifter

The Hexalift is compatible with most industrial profile systems and can be easily adapted or integrated into new constructions or existing structures through six slot nuts. The integrated DC Motor is another outstanding feature and the Hexalift is available in different versions and dimensions up to 3200N and 18mm/s.

Telescopic Lifters /Slideway lifters

The range includes elegant single-stage pillar designs for many lifting applications. The internal DC drives have lifting capacities ranging up to 1500 N and lift speeds up to 35mm/s. This pillar design is frequently used for sitting/standing desk arrangements and assembly tables. The slideway lifters feature a slotted aluminium profile with one or two lead screw drives. These lifters are used, for example, in packaging industry and media applications.

DC Motors

A wide range of actuators up to 6000N and 80mm/s for the lifting devices includes miniature screw jack with DC gear motor drive. There are also DC linear actuators with worm gear drive and screw jack available with different spindle adapters.

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