How robust is a stainless steel leadscrew module?

05 July 2017

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How robust is a stainless steel leadscrew module?igus has released a new video highlighting the new stainless steel option in its drylin SHT range of leadscrew modules, made entirely of 304 grade stainless steel. To ascertain how robust this rugged module is, a madcap engineer at the company’s German headquarters in Cologne decided it would be fun to put the drylin SHT-ES through its paces.

With the aid of local fireman Alex, a bonfire was built for the leadscrew module. Aided by a flamethrower and healthy squirt of a well-known oil-based spray, the fire was easily lit. Soon after, the leadscrew module was doused in foam from a chemical-based fire extinguisher. Once the fire was out, a bucket of water was thrown over the leadscrew for good measure.

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