Miniaturisation in Motion + Control (MIMAC) seminar

02 August 2017

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Miniaturisation in Motion + Control (MIMAC) seminarRenishaw and Aerotech are organising a free Miniaturisation in Motion + Control (MIMAC) seminar, which takes place on 12 September 2017 at the Renishaw Innovation Centre, Gloucestershire.

As the world strives to reach new levels of productivity, it is not just the need for speed that is driving machine design but also an awareness that size, mass and form of machine subsystems impact how the axes of motion should behave and how well these motions are measured and verified.

Who should attend?

Renishaw and Aerotech have planned the seminar so it will be of interest to the following groups:

  • Machine builders or instrument makers looking beyond PID for the next motion challenge
  • Scientists or researchers wanting to measure finer than a micron/arc-second
  • Individuals curious to see Renishaw's impressive facilities and learn from its diverse technology areas

Renishaw is at the forefront of these aspects of machine design, both as a supplier of position sensors and as a consumer within its own product lines such as metrology and spectroscopy additive manufacturing.

For over 40 years, Aerotech has been applying the science of motion to high-performance linear and rotary positioning stages for customers in industry, government, science and research institutions around the world.

A fine example of mechatronics, robotics and the integration of motion stages from Aerotech and others, is Renishaw's latest automated assembly cell for the ATOM incremental encoder system. A tour of this cell will be among the highlights of the MIMAC seminar, as will the keynote address from visiting metrology expert, Professor Richard Leach from the University of Nottingham.

Registration starts at 08:30 and the seminar starts at 09:00. Presentations cover four main areas:

  1. Brief introduction to Renishaw followed by the keynote metrology address
  2. Exploration of the challenges of building systems that are smaller, faster and with better diagnostics
  3. Motion stage design, common pitfalls and the benefits of the latest position synchronisation techniques
  4. Planning and execution of the automated ATOM encoder assembly cell and why robotics are employed

In the afternoon, attendees will be taken by coach to Renishaw's award-winning assembly facility a few miles away at Woodchester for a closer look at one of the automated ATOM encoder assembly cells, returning to the New Mills headquarters for conclusion of the day at 16:00.

Find out more about the Miniaturisation in Motion + Control (MIMAC) seminar and register for free at

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