Ten top trends for modern machine tools

19 October 2017

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Ten top trends for modern machine toolsAn igus video highlights how its motion plastics are being used in modern machine tools to reduce costs and improve equipment performance. From lathes where hot chips occur to compact 5-axis milling centres and very fast linear robots, machine tools have to cope with a large number of challenges.

Hot chips and aggressive cooling lubricants significantly shorten the service life of cables and hoses. The situation is exacerbated by increasingly smaller installation spaces and challenging rotating and pivoting axes. In the medium term, this leads to machine failures and, as a result, expensive downtimes.

Downtimes have a negative impact on the most important quality characteristic of machines, namely productivity. The maintenance work needed to lubricate metal bearings also regularly results in a shutdown of the machine tool.

Machine builders are looking for smart options in the context of Industry 4.0 as the degree of automation increases. Moreover, the growing pressure of costs in the world market is necessitating highly efficient assembly and production methods.

For every challenge in the machine tool area, igus offers laboratory-tested solutions that increase reliability and reduce the amount of maintenance work required. Watch this video to find out more:

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