How the world really turns with igus

22 November 2017

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How the world really turns with igusigus has released a new video that outline some of the company’s capabilities. When founder Günter Blase first said: “show me your problem part and I’ll find you the right solution”, this became the motto of igus. With more than 3000 employees between its head office in Germany and 35 subsidiaries, and representative partners in more than 80 other countries, igus certainly has a global reach – giving customers the local service they deserve.

Some of the newest developments are in low-cost robotics. igus robolink light industrial assembly robots are also in use at the igus assembly facility. 3D-printed engineering plastic wear parts are produced, which eliminate spare parts stock or machine downtime caused by manufacturing lead-time. Smart plastics help eliminate unplanned downtime; there are intelligent cables, energy chains and linear robots, that tell you their expected lifetime in real time.

If you would like to find out more, please follow the link to watch the igus video.

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