Stemmer Imaging to showcase machine learning and 3D vision

09 March 2018

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Stemmer Imaging will be presenting a technical seminar covering ‘machine learning’ at the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition. Equipment on show at the exhibition highlights 3D imaging capabilities. New 3D tools within Common Vision Blox and two LMI Gocator 2340 all-in-one 3D smart sensors operating in dual sensor mode will be demonstrated.

With deep learning such a hot topic in industrial machine vision, Dr Jon Vickers will give a presentation at 11 AM on Wednesday 16th May 2018, covering ‘Machine Learning’ of which deep learning is a part. The aim of this talk is to take the audience from zero knowledge to understanding the state of the art, showing the kinds of applications that typically succeed and, crucially, where machine learning is not the correct choice.

The latest 3D tools within Common Vision Blox (CVB2018) will be demonstrated in conjunction with a C2-2040HS 3D GigE Vision camera from Automation Technology and a M18 laser stripe generator from Z-laser. The CVB 2018 Image Manager gains core 3D functionality to be able to handle and display 3D data including calibration data. Two new tools have also been added. Metric3D can create calibrated 3D data, while Match3D allows an acquired point cloud to be matched to a trained point cloud. This enables differences between the trained and test data to be found.

LMI Gocator 2340 3D profile sensors can collect cross sectional profile scans to form 3D point clouds representing whole parts for performing volumetric measurements. The Gocator will be shown working in ‘Dual Sensor’ mode where it automatically recognises a second Gocator called a ‘Buddy’. Dual sensor mode seamlessly combines profile data from both sensors as if they were one and uses a single GUI to configure, measure, make decisions, and show results.

Go to for further information, and visit Stemmer at the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition, Arena MK, Milton Keynes, UK, 16 May 2018.

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