How igus robotic technologies combine for low-cost automation

14 March 2018

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How igus robotic technologies combine for low-cost automationigus has released a short video showing how gantry-style robots can be created very cost-effectively. The term ‘low-cost robotics’ refers to the rapid growth of robotic production enabled by simple and affordable automation components. Depending on the scope of the application, entire processes can be automated.

To demonstrate how this can be achieved, igus has combined its robolink, drylin E and energy chain technologies to produce a multi-axis articulated pick & place unit. The video shows two such units operating in unison via a matching control unit.

igus provides everything needed for cost-effective process automation from a single source; whether it is whole robot arms, individual components for individual applications or to expand existing applications, and a control system suited to robolink with intuitive software.

Both the robolink articulated arm and the drylin E linear robot are easy to configure via igus online configurator. To watch the video of the two pick & place units operating together, please visit

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