Renishaw launches online guide to additive manufacturing

08 May 2018

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Renishaw launches online guide to additive manufacturingRenishaw has created a free online AM Guide comprising videos, case studies, feature articles, industry news and opinion pieces. The company will use the new information hub to educate and inform customers and the wider engineering community. Engineers, managers and entrepreneurs can learn about the possibilities of additive manufacturing (AM) and its business impact, all with the aim of increasing the uptake of this technology in mainstream manufacturing.

The dedicated AM content zone contains a collection of technical articles written by the company's industry experts, including popular AM LinkedIn blogger Marc Saunders, and Lucy Grainger, an expert in metal powders for AM. The content covers the business impact of AM, developments in the industry and detailed case studies of successful AM applications.

As part of the new section, Renishaw has published a beginner's guide to AM that explains how AM users can optimise metal AM designs to take advantage of the design freedom, performance and efficiency of the manufacturing technique. It also explains how accommodating AM process characteristics is essential for minimising waste and costs.

Integrated industrial additive manufacturing

Robin Weston, Marketing Manager at Renishaw's Additive Manufacturing Products Division, explains: "Investing in AM requires time, resources and equipment. To understand the benefits and develop a reliable and capable process, companies must rigorously assess operations.

"We want to educate the industry on why to consider AM, when to consider it and what applications are suitable. Alongside our knowledge of AM, Renishaw has expertise in precision measurement, machining and finishing. This positions us as the perfect partner for an integrated industrial additive manufacturing solution."

Renishaw operates a global network of Solutions Centres to lower the entry barrier to additive manufacturing. The network includes facilities in the UK, Europe, USA and India. At the Solutions Centres, Renishaw works with customers to build knowledge and confidence in AM technologies, as well as to develop reliable processes.

Renishaw is also publishing a quarterly newsletter that enables readers to receive the latest developments in their inbox. Follow the link to access the Renishaw AM Guide.

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