White paper: how Industry 4.0 is helping energy efficiency

28 June 2018

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White paper: how Industry 4.0 is helping energy efficiencyA new white paper from BOGE reveals how, thanks to the power of Industry 4.0, their customers can now benefit from ongoing compressor performance improvements that are guaranteed to pay for themselves.

The white paper, which is available via free download from the BOGE website, reveals how clean, reliable compressed air is a vital ingredient in modern manufacturing. It can also be an expensive one. In many production environments, air compressors are the largest single consumer of energy. While the high cost of compressed air was once seen as a necessary evil, a growing focus on operating cost reduction, along with increasingly demanding sustainability goals, is now bringing the issue of energy efficiency into sharp focus.

Also outlined is the BOGE Continuous Improvement Project (CIP), which is only one element of a larger suite of innovative aftermarket service and support offerings, all enabled by Industry 4.0 technologies. Under the programme, known as Selectair, customers can also benefit from smart remote monitoring capabilities, performance reporting, predictive maintenance capabilities and an exceptionally fast diagnostic and repair service.

Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE explains: “If an experienced engineer can’t reach the customer’s site in time, BOGE can perform ‘virtual’ support instead, providing the customer with smart glasses that allow an engineer to see exactly what a customer operator or maintenance technician when working on the machine, and to guide them step-by-step through the repair process. This capability, combined with an advanced service logistics approach, allows BOGE to guarantee that any issue with the potential to shut down an HST compressor can be diagnosed – and repaired – within 24 hours.”

Follow the link to download the free white paper from the BOGE website.

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