NSK appoints APRB Center in Moscow as new Certified AIP Partner

23 July 2018

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NSK appoints APRB Center in Moscow as new Certified AIP PartnerThe latest company appointed as an official NSK Certified AIP Partner is APRB Center in Moscow, which becomes the first distributor in Russia to achieve AIP certification. Nominated by the Russian branch of NSK Polska, APRB Center has been recognised following more than 15 years of strong market support and performance, particularly in sectors such as pulp and paper. The company has become proficient at helping customers with tasks such as bearing selection, data collection, resolving technical issues, total cost of ownership (TCO) calculations, mounting assistance and training provision.

Key to APRB Center’s success is its implementation of the NSK AIP (Added Value Programme) at customers in the pulp and paper industry. Taking into account factors such as technical assistance and training, APRB estimates that it has already saved its customers around EUR50,000.

Anton Mozhaev, Sales Support Engineer Russia, European Industrial Business Unit says: “We have been co-operating with APRB since 2000, when they became one of our first distributors in the Russian market. They have considerable experience in bearing products, matched by technical skills, industry knowledge and a strong desire to implement and develop our AIP programme for end users. Perhaps most importantly of all, they have proven themselves as a reliable service partner. We strongly believe that through Certified AIP Partners such as APRB, we will increase our presence in the market and help customers overcome technical issues and achieve better goals.”

NSK is continuing its drive towards full technical and customised services through the transition of authorised distributors to a specialist network of Certified AIP Partners able to deliver total systems. Only those distribution partners able to successfully complete a 10-stage plan can become Certified AIP Partners, a process that includes intensive training and in-field assessments.

For distributors, becoming a Certified AIP Partner allows them to enhance their efficiency and grow revenue. Further advantages include a higher level of customer support with the availability and demonstration of AIP+ maintenance tools, greater publicity and promotion via NSK press releases and online portals, as well as sharper competitive edge in local markets.

By using the ‘Distributor Finder’ facility on the NSK Europe website, users can view a list of all Certified AIP Partners in their respective country. Go to for more information.

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