When is a robot not a robot? When it is a robolink ReBeL!

05 September 2018

igus (UK) Ltdvisit website


When is a robot not a robot? When it is a robolink ReBeL!igus has produced a short video starring one of its robolink ReBeL robots who wants to learn more about low-cost robotics.

Injection-moulded polymer components make the robolink ReBeL joints lightweight and cost-effective. Furthermore, each joint incorporates a brushless DC (BLDC) motor, strain wave gearing, control technology and cable guidance. These joints are connected to create a low-cost robot with up to six axes of motion.

According to igus, robolink ReBeL low-cost robots could be used for tasks in the workplace and private sector. Being very light, ReBeL joints are particularly suitable for mobile applications where a robotic arm is mounted on a moving platform. The following examples are said to be typical areas of application:

  • Mobile applications
  • In combination with the Alexa voice assistant
  • Collection and delivery services
  • Pick-and-place tasks
  • Loading and unloading dishwashers

Follow the link to watch the video and find out more about robolink ReBeL low-cost robots.

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